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School Uniform & Sweater - $20

Kids from the Matopeni community holding a hammer.

School uniforms and sweaters are made locally by the mothers and fathers of the Matopeni community, providing employment and income. The children wear their uniform every day. Having a uniform also creates a sense of belonging.

Lunch for 100 days - $50

Lunch time at the Ingrid School

Your donation of $50 will provide one hot meal a day for one child (for 100 days). For many children in the Ingrid School, this is the only meal they will eat all day.

Annual Child Sponsorship - $180

Donate Your Own Amount

A portrait image of a boy from the Matopeni community.
Portrait of one of the Monyangi Family.

For $180, you can provide shoes, a uniform, a sweater, one meal a day, and an education for one child (for one year). That's only $0.50 a day to make a world of difference.

Feel free to donate any amount that you are comfortable with. Money will be used where it is most needed: paying the teacher's salaries, helping with the ongoing construction of the school, and providing clean drinking water for the children. Remember that every donation makes a difference.