Yoga Foundations (all levels) Wednesdays & Sundays @ 9am

This class offers the fundamentals of yoga for beginners and those who might feel intimidated by yoga. It provides exposure to the core principles of yoga: breathing, relaxation, awareness of mind and body, anatomy, stretching, and strengthening. The core philosophy of MindBody Centering Yoga is to look for transformation in each breath as a practice of gentle kindness to Self and to others.

Yoga Therapist Nina Be expertly guides a highly-rewarding yoga series that students can practice at home to strengthen and improve quickly and with ease. It is recommended that students commit to a series of 10 weekly lessons in order to receive deep benefit. MindBody Centering Yoga is life changing! We build strength by recognizing and releasing the habits we practice that create suffering and block our potentiality. We can then use the energy gained from letting fly.