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The heart is the most powerful source of energy in the BodyMind, and when our yoga practice is sourced from heart energy we can free ourselves into our full potential.

This 'playshop' has served as a major 'aha' event in hundreds of yoga students' experience, with first time, pain-free expressions of Ustrasana (camel), Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel) and Hanumanasana (splits).  Nina Be has designed sequences  to deeply explore supporting the heart, in order to free up space to fill the whole BodyMind expression.  We look at the details of freeing the spine, sensing resistance or hardness in the body that can make 'back bends' painful, and finding options for softening resistance.

Have no fear that force will be used to serve the competitive tendency of 'proving' your competency... ease and expert guidance will support your continued explorations for a lifetime of delicious and sustainable yoga.