Continuous Motion... Exploring the Still

"A creative idea has its own energy field and can generate the synchronistic involvement of people and circumstances required to carry the idea through the next stage of life." - Anatomy of the Spirit

Please join us this Friday (as part of downtown Durham's Third Friday celebration) to enjoy a performance by the Raleigh Dance Project. Witness a spacious expression of the human experience, through soft movement, sound and visual deliciousness. 

Performances are at 6:30 and 7:15, but you are welcome to come in at any time to catch some of the movement and imagery. 

There will be a (by suggested donation) cash bar, with proceeds benefiting the artists & our non-profit (LiveGlobally).

This piece has been an ongoing, ever growing and morphing performance that started out as just a simple gestural phrase that local choreographer and dancer Anna M. Maynard created in response to one of many simple life experiences. As the movement began to take on a life on its own, dancer and friend Campbell McMillan joined Anna in the process. This work has shifted from a series of movements to an evening of ongoing moving images with the involvement of experimental visual artist Alexandria Walls. On Friday, this piece will take the shape of a digital installation at Global Breath Studio, with live performances through out the evening. Anna and Campbell will be joined by guest dancer Nicole Lawson.

This performance is one of many in a series created by Anna M. Maynard and Campbell McMillan, founders of the new organization Raleigh Dance Project. RDP recognizes the growing dance scene, and has established the goal of becoming a hub of information, events, classes and performances. As a collective, they are all-inclusive, striving to bring the dance community together as a united force to encourage dancers, choreographers, teachers, and artists in the Triangle to share and create.

"We as performers, dance with the intention to reach out to the witness with open arms in hopes that they will soften with us into our acceptance and expression of all parts of this radical and beautiful human life. We are taking the opportunity to walk fearlessly into the most vulnerable and tender parts of our collective selfs." -Anna M. Maynard