As a student of the Alexander Technique for 19 years, Rachel Niketopoulos has found that the best way to learn, is to experience a change within the mind and body that is both memorable, and pleasurable enough to want to feel it again. Alexander Technique is a holistic approach to the body, which teaches that there is no separation at all between mind and body. The term that describes this is "psycho-physical". Yoga also has the potential for being a psycho-physical practice.  In Asana practice, when we move our bodies in new, non-habitual ways, something new happens in the psychological and emotional realms.

Our studies of the skeleton & anatomy will be taught from the "ground up.” We will start our study with the feet, moving up to the head, correlating physical anatomy mindfully. This way you will begin to familiarize yourself with the bones, their location in the body, and how they relate to aspects of your anatomy. This workshop emphasizes the importance of your continued learning - learning from within, and motivating you to be interested. Anatomy is a dry subject if we only talk about it. Experiential anatomy, however, includes hands-on work, allowing you to gain a better & deeper understanding of the body.