Every Monday in October at 5:30 pm. All donations go to support the Ingrid Education Centre in Matopeni, Kenya.

Seva (Punjabi for selfless service) is the core concept of Yoga at Global Breath Studio. The month of October, Catherine Howard who completed MBCY Teacher Training program, will offer a 4-5 week series of classes, drawing from the MBCY One & MBCY Centering sequences. This is a Yoga Foundations class, and will cover the fundamentals of Yoga Asana (postures).

Catherine designs her classes specially to promote creativity and innovation. Come find some rest and reconnect with your body. These yoga classes will focus on getting into your bones, relieving your aches and pains, and finding some rest for your mind so that you can sleep better. Because the more you sleep and the more at ease you are in your body, the more your innovative creativity can come out to play.