In order to be fully present to the miracle of this life, we have to practice arriving into the present moment. Our lives are filled with so much information, busyness and distraction that we sometimes start feeling lost and overwhelmed. Creating a Mindfulness practice can help us to slow down, so that we can start noticing that the conditions for happiness are already present in each moment.

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Take a break from the stresses of your life, and join us on Friday, October 24 for a yummy Evening of Mindfulness. As a group, we will joyfully prepare a vegetarian meal, practice sitting meditation, enjoy a delicious mindful dinner together, and end with some Restorative Yoga. 

This Evening of Mindfulness is led by Bart Westdorp (Mindfulness Coach) and Nina Be (E-RYT-500), of MindBodyCentering Yoga, both students of Thich Nhat Hanh.   

Evening of Mindfulness
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