The practice of yoga coupled with the knowledge of Ayurveda creates a synergy that amplifies your ability to create a healthier body as a vehicle to spiritual evolution.  Each yoga pose possesses great potential to balance the five elements, harmonize energy, and stabilize the mind. In Ayuryoga we give great attention to this inherent potential, we seek to utilize and magnify it to balance the five elements, and harmonize the energy. The power of mental concentration is turned inward to discover the communication within your own body.  This connection deepens the practice of yoga and transcends into all areas of life.

This Playshop will encompass the following tenets of Ayurveda:

- Basic introduction to Sanskrit & understanding why there is no English translation for Ayurvedic vocabulary words

- Basic historical progression of Ayurveda                 

- Pancha Bhuta theory: the Five elements and their characteristics

- Tri Dosha theory: Vata, Pitta, Kapha and their characteristics

- Prakriti vs. Vikriti: balance vs. imbalance

- Sapta Dhatu theory: the seven tissues of the body

- Tri Mala theory: the three bodily waste products                                                                

- Introduction to Manas: the mind and its Doshas (or afflictions)

- Rajas & Tamas: Review of Philosophical Standpoint 

MBCY Trauma Workshop
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