This is not your typical art lesson or yoga class. We are all born with natural creative impulses that flow through us at all times, but as life experiences alter our survival instincts, we can get stuck with roadblocks of doubt, judgment, and fear. Developing the skills to intuit our impulses and take action from our bodies' deep well of wisdom has a positive ripple effect in our entire lives.

In this 3-hour workshop, we will flow seamlessly between MindBody Centering yoga postures, process painting, and meditative journaling.

The Fan Your Creative Flame workshop provides resources to dismantle your creative blocks and allow a continual flow of energy between the blossoms of imagination and the grounded roots of purpose. This freed energy illuminates the unique creative path set before you and kindles the motivation needed to achieve your full creative potential.

Fan your creative flame with the bellows of your breath and the fuel of your belly. The steam from that system turns the powerful gears of embodied creativity.

Painting and writing supplies provided. Please bring your own journal if possible.