During the upcoming 4th Annual Global Breath Yogathon, we are pleased to announce a special potluck and musical event as a special fundraiser for the LiveGlobally Teachers' Fund! ($15 at the door)

Bring a dish (vegan / gluten-free dishes preferred) to share and a friend, and join us at 7 pm for a delicious potluck meal and piano improvisations by Ricky Nelson. After a relaxing meal together & John William Carlson will serenade us with their beautifully crafted songs.

John William Carlson grew up in the deep woods of northern Minnesota. His father was a multi-instrumentalist and local musician whose band played Traditional Country, Western Swing and Scandinavian folks songs. His Mother is a literary writer of poetry and short stories. With his father’s musical ability and his mother’s writing prowess, John began to combine these influences at an early age. Musically, Carlson roams a lot of ranges from Americana, Folk, Country and Gospel to gritty slide blues. Nashville songwriter, Steve Hindalong featured John’s song, 'Runaway Jimmie' in his celebrated songwriting seminar, 'Drop a Feather In The River'. In December of 2013, John was awarded 1st Place in the American Songwriter Magazine and Gibson USA lyric competition. John William Carlson is featured in the January/February 2014 edition of American Songwriter Magazine.

Come enjoy the beautiful lyricism of these musicians. And don't forget to bring a dish and a friend!

All of the Global Breath Yogathon events are by donation, as all the proceeds are going to create a Teachers' Fund to insure a living wage for all teachers at the Ingrid Education Centre. Our suggested donation is $15 at the door, however greater amounts and donations of items listed at the link below are encouraged!