This series is for dudes. Dudes of all shapes and sizes. Don't worry about wearing proper yoga gear. Warmup pants with paint stains are preferred.  

During this series we will work on building 'core' strength. Abs of titanium guaranteed. We will work on not just touching our toes, we will be sticking our toes in our ears. Don't think it's possible? Think again. And be ready to impress your friends and family at your next BBQ.

Speaking of BBQ, we will also talk about other stuff. Like how to change our diets, so we don't end up on blood pressure medication before we're even done losing all our hair. 

Of course we would never discriminate against anyone. So all genders are welcome. Just make sure to wear a John Deere cap. 

You can sign up for the entire series, or drop in. 

This class series is included if you purchase the 40 day Kickoff Pass!