MindBody Centering Yoga can mean many things,and here it means the application of biomechanics into yoga. Basically the science of stretching. The idea that if you stretch more and harder, the muscle  will get longer and you will increase your range and get more flexible ... is only damaging the tissue.

Lack of range of motion is not really about lengthening. It’s much more an issue of tolerance. It’ s a use it or lose it thing. If you never work in that range of motion your body doesn’t understand it and doesn’t want to go there. So your nervous system limits your range of motion. “Tolerance” means can you go there? When one hits the end of ones range of motion, the nervous system is what is  limiting the range. If we were under anesthesia, you would have a full range of motion.

 This SUPER STRETCH class will release movement to increase the capacity of problem areas for the individuals attending the class.

It is highly recommended that one commit to the full series classes so as to reap the full benefit of its intention.

This class series is included if you purchase the 40 day Kickoff Pass!