Partner Yoga enhances and cultivates relationships...elevating each person’s yoga practice & strengthening relationship skills with mindfulness.

Partner yoga improves communication and fosters trust, improving your self-awareness.  This practice corrects the misconception that it’s easier to accomplish things independently. In learning to trust another person, you deepen your ability to trust yourself — both as a practitioner of yoga and in life in general.  In other words, two minds – and bodies! – are better than one.  Sharing your practice can dramatically increase the benefits you reap.  Plus, you’re helping someone else deepen their practice.

Partner Yoga takes you deeper as one trusts another to help maintain balance, alignment and focus within a posture. This additional physical support allows practitioners to experience a yoga pose in a different, often deeper way.

Partner Yoga breaks down barriers in your physical body as well as your emotional body.

Touch is an integral part of partner yoga: leverage, traction and kinesthetic awareness all heighten the body’s ability to perform and make it possible to go more deeply into poses with less effort.  Plus, touch is healing.

You don't need to bring a partner to join class. All are welcome. You can drop in to class, or sign up for the series.     

It's time to arrive into your liberation!