This workshop covers the 'royal' poses of Yoga: inversions and backbends. 

Most Yoga students miss out on the tremendous heart health benefits of powerful backbends, because they are afraid of getting hurt. This stands to reason, as opening the front of the body releases lots of energy that can build up when we protect ourselves by armoring the loving heart.

The most effective and powerful postures of Yoga are inversions. Inversions build fearlessness, strength, tenacity and inner wisdom. The anti-ageing effects of inversions are profound, and they do wonders for most folks in fighting disease. 

In this fun and informative workshop we look at accurate anatomical information about the spine, and its connection to the physical, mental and energetic exuberant expression of the heart. After exploring the foundational postures, we will dive into beginner to intermediate handstands & forearm stands, Dhanurasana & Urdhva Dhanurasana, shoulderstand & headstand. If you are curious about inversions & backbends, or just plain determined to arrest the aging process, please come join us as we guide you safely into your self-confidence and fearlessness!

Due to the intensity of this workshop, participation is prohibited in you suffer from discomfort in the spine, neck or head, or have blood pressure issues. At least 1 year of a consistent yoga experience is required.