Within the GLOBAL BREATHMindBody Centering community our yoga practice is rooted in the belief that we can all make a difference in alleviating the suffering of others. A portion of the proceeds from all yoga classes & immersions at Global Breath Studio goes towards LiveGlobally — the Global Breath global charitable organization.

In early 2013, we spent a month in Kenya visiting the Ingrid Education Centre, located in the Mantopeni slums outside of Nairobi.  While there, we started our first documentary, called “Knowing By Heart”, about the children and families enriched by the Ingrid Education Centre.

In December 2014, a team from Global Breath Studio will return to Mantopeni to continue filming and to lend a hand with the wide range of service projects that are continually improving the Ingrid Education Centre facilities.  The service projects will include creating a community network with local clinic and medical personnel, hosting a series of community health lectures, and building a community computer library.

During the upcoming Global Breath Yogathon and LiveGlobally Gala Fundraiser, we will be collecting donations to take with us when we visit Mantopeni in December.  Stop by Global Breath Studio (119 W Main St #300 in Durham) at any point to donate any of the following to these incredible children:

  • Stuffed animals (Please put your name and contact information on a tag around the stuffed animal's neck, and we will send you a photo of the child who receives this stuffed animal!)
  • Small bottles of hand sanitizer (These are critical for maintaining a healthy environment in the restrooms at the school.)
  • Children's books in good condition (These books will be used to start community library.)
  • Socks (Any size or style.)
  • Eye glasses (Any style or prescription -- no bi-focals, please.)
  • Financial donations of any amount (The financial donations will go toward creating a Teachers' Fund to insure a living wage for all Ingrid Education Centre teachers.  You can also learn how to become a monthly sustainer of individual children here.)

Want to learn more?  

Watch a few clips from the "Knowing By Heart" documentary and then join us at an upcoming LiveGlobally event!  

Already inspired?  You can donate online here.

For more information, and to find out about more ways that you can help, please contact us. LiveGlobally is a NC based 501(c)(3) organization.