why private yoga?

Nina Be assisting a yoga student in downward dog.

Sometimes a 'regular' yoga class just won't do. Perhaps you are just starting out with yoga, and want to learn more about the fundamentals of Asana before going into a class. Maybe you've been practicing for a while, but would like to spend more time in specific postures, learn about alignment, deepen your practice, or create your own sequences. Or there is something going in your body (injury, trauma) that prohibits you from doing a studio class.

Whatever the case may be, doing private one-on-one yoga can really support you in many ways. Global Breath has several very skilled instructors who are available to meet in the studio, or in the privacy of your home. 

Rates are $75-125/hour, depending on the teacher. Discount for 5 hours (pre-paid). 

If you are interested in scheduling a private yoga session, please fill out the form below. If you do not specify an instructor, we will review your request, and assign the instructor who we feel would be most supportive for your particular situation.


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