Bart spent his formative years living in the Netherlands. He comes from a very linear, pragmatic culture, where the conventional truth of this life is analyzed from an empirical perspective. He uses his ongoing questioning and observation as tools to deepen his understanding of yogic practices.

Bart is a craftsman, artist, athlete, and teacher. When not practicing yoga, he can be found building or repairing just about anything. He likes to know how things work, from both mechanical and energetic perspectives.

In 2008, together with his father and uncle, he helped build the Body Center, Nina's first yoga studio in Raleigh. In 2013 he renovated the third floor of a 19th century warehouse in downtown Durham, transforming it into Global Breath Studio. 

He's been practicing yoga for a big part of his life. His first yoga teacher was Nina Be. He completed his first teacher training with her, and has been co-teaching with Nina since then. He also completed 200 & 500 HR teacher trainings with Dharma Mittra in NYC.  He has deepened his practice of yoga through workshops and immersions with many wonderful teachers, including Shiva Rea, Eric Schiffman, Tim Feldmann, Cyndi Lee, and others. His main spiritual teacher is Thich Nhat Hanh, with whom he spent 4 retreats, including a one month stay at Plum Village.

He currently teaches yoga & mindfulness at Global Breath Studio, several Triangle businesses, Camelot Academy, and the Boys & Girls Club of Durham. He co-leads the MindBody Centering Yoga Immersions with Nina Be, and is available for private yoga, mindfulness coaching, and Mindfulness at Work seminars. 

He is also co-director of LiveGlobally, a Durham-based 501c3 non-profit committed to creating a peaceful planet through mindful living. LiveGlobally is funded entirely through the Global Breath Studio community.

“Things are not what they appear to be, nor are they otherwise.” ~ Surangama Sutra


MA, M.ED, E-RYT 500, NBCC 

Nina is a Somatic Psychologist, spiritual  activist, yoga therapist, writer/poet, restaurateur, artist and performer, who has been mentoring, teaching, choreographing and designing wellness programs internationally for over 40 years. Specialty certifications include; Mindfulness  Meditations (Thich Nhat Hanh), Lifeforce Yoga for Depression and Anxiety (Amy Weintraub),  iRest Yoga Nidra for Trauma(Richard Miller, PhD.)  Jungian Intensive Journaling (Ira Progov),  Yoga for Trauma (Jim Moore, PhD.),.     

Presently, Nina Be co-directs Global Breath Studio,  MindBody Centering Yoga Teacher Trainings, ( RYT 200/300/500/1000-hour Yoga Therapy Certification),  MindBody Centering Yoga & Wellness at Burt’s Bees,  MBC Yoga community outreach organizations.  Nina works with individuals and groups in her private Yoga Therapy practice at Global Breath Studio and Wellville Healing Arts in Durham, North Carolina .  

As Founder & Co-Director of LiveGlobally, her vision of quelling children’s global poverty through the practice of mindful yoga in community has begun by supporting the building of a school in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, for the Ingrid Children Education Centre.

Nina Be developed MindBody Centering Yoga to provide dynamic  yoga and mindfulness to empower individuals,  families, groups, universities and corporations. Nina's philosophy is enriched by the profound experiences  she has shared with master teachers Thich Nhat Hanh, Pema Chodron, Dharma Mittra, Melanie Fawer, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, & the Dalai Lama for the past 40 years. 

In 1973, drawn to the contemplative arts through her passion for beauty and grace, Nina needed a miracle, when she found herself homeless in NYC as an aspiring ballet dancer. A group of friends suggested she begin chanting yoga mantras to change her situation. Within 24 hours the miracle of a quiet bed in a convent on 14th Street became her refuge.  She has been practicing ever since!  

After a debilitating injury ended her professional ballet pursuit, Nina began exploring the somatic & contemplative arts more deeply in order to avoid surgery and navigate the emotional fallout of her love of ballet as a career. Intensive study in the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais and kinesthesiology formed the foundation for her Master’s degree in Performing Arts (1979).

As personal assistant and trainer to Lee Theodore at American Dancemachine, Nina was asked to teach Broadway repetoire  in NYC and  Tokyo. Her interest in non-traditional performance and diversity led  her to establish  dancewerx with John Jones, and a 5 year exploration of performance with sculptors, musicians, photographers.

In 1995,  the overwhelming experience as a restaurateur in New Orleans and being a  new mom, motivated Nina to begin trainings in Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga. The devotion of her teachers, Melanie Fawer, (one of the first women to be sanctioned to teach Ashtanga by Pattabhi Jois), and Bhakti Yogi Sean Johnson of Wild Lotus, fostered Nina's practice of and desire to share a centered life. In gratitude for her profound recovery from  an unsuccessful marriage, leaving her with two young children to face desperate economic hardships, Nina  pursued a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling (2004).  Evacuating with her family from Katrina, along with a condition of TBI, created inspiration to delve into neuro-science research, regarding  Embodiment as a resource for trauma, which was supported by her Advanced Yoga certifications, with BMC mentor, Lisa Clark.


Nina has been spoken of as a highly intuitive healer and spiritual activist who sees the potential in all beings and is committed to guide them onto their authentic paths of purpose through positive, proactive possibility. Fascinated with the fact that the body  'gestures' what is unspoken, she is devoted to supporting the pure and fragile power in everyone in order to realize their infinite capacity to love. Nina is most grateful to her 2 greatest teachers, her daughters, Amelia and Aude.

The body is a calligraphic gesture of the mind."

Bridget Crawford

Yoga Teacher :: RYT 200 :: MBCY 200

BRIDGET CRAWFORD is a soul searching yogi who is constantly amazed by how much good yoga can do for ones mind, body, and soul. Going through the Mind Body Centering Yoga teacher training at Global Breath Studio opened Bridget’s eyes to a wonderfully happy and fulfilling life and she is so excited to be able to bring even a small portion of her experience to others. Bridget likes long walks on the beach (with periodic stops for beach yoga), a candlelit vegetarian dinner, and her favorite book is Eastern Body, Western Mind (which she hasn’t stopped re-reading since yoga teacher training). 

When not practicing yoga, Bridget spends her time cycling and working towards her PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Duke. For the next four (or 6 or 8 or 40) years, Bridget will be specializing in Optics and Photonics as she researches novel plasmonic nanoparticles for enhanced diagnostics and therapy. As a fellow of the National Science Foundation, she is currently developing a rapid and cost effective plasmonic nanoprobe for early detection of breast cancer, which she hopes to ultimately implement as a point-of-care diagnostic in clinics in developing countries. Bridget strives to have a positive impact on the health and well-being of others throughout her life, may that be through the development of cancer diagnostics or being an aid in the yoga practice of others. 

Rosco davis


Rosco started his yoga journey in college as an over-achieving, ego-centered personal trainer who happend to be quite flexible. Teaching yoga seemed like something new he could easily add to his resume as a fitness professional. However, deep inside his heart there was a longing to break free from all that structure, professionalism and the gym.  As he started his yogic path to liberation and mindfulness with a level one YogaFit certification, unexpected things started to shift in his spirit as he was permeated by the essence of what yoga truly is, love and oneness. He taught vigorously for the next five years in the campus gym, a local studio and a church as well as summers abroad in Panama and Costa Rica. 

Upon graduating with an undergraduate degree in Ecotourism he began a two-year apprenticeship in an Ashtanga-based studio to gain more experience. After all that he still couldn't quite let go or choose a direction. His winding path lead him to Durham, North Carolina where he naturally discovered Global Breath Studio. The magic of Global Breath and MindBody Centering Yoga reinvigorated Rosco and revived his desire to share yoga at a time when he felt ready to throw in the teaching towel for good. The MBCY teacher training helped Rosco to find the magic within himself he had been searching for all along. He tossed away his rigidity and suffering and the inner rainbows came bursting forth, never to be contained again. 

He now teaches in ways he could not before, despite the head-knowledge and skills he had worked so tirelessly to gain. Rosco seeks to be a bright light for everyone he encounters, but especially his yoga students. He can help you to get comfortable in your own skin and see the world with new eyes. His mission as a teacher is to encourage and unify people by helping them open their hearts and eyes. He plans to bring his passions and talents together one day in an intentional community and eco-retreat center founded on the principles of yoga, sustainable building and permaculture.

Rosco loves laughing, sunsets, and rolling in mud. You can spot him around town riding his bicycle for Tilthy Rich Compost with his sexy soulmate or dancing wherever music is played.

glenna batson

Scd, pt, ma, mamsat

Glenna is an independent movement educator with four decades of teaching experience, promoting embodied approaches to the art and science of movement.

At Global Breath, Glenna offers structured guidance in developmental movement patterns and anatomy/physiology as they relate to yoga philosophy and practice. The work is both informational and transformational. The teaching of embodied knowledge not only is designed to inform yoga practice, but also to support personal use in all aspects of life through portals of discovery of movement flow, resonance, and effortless support.

Glenna also is a former dancer and physical therapist who currently teaches the Alexander Technique both nationally and internationally.

Katie Daly

Yoga Teacher :: RYT 200 :: MBCY 200

IMG_4747 (1).JPG

KATIE DALY is a nurturing, free spirited, nature lover.  She received her Bachelors of Science degree from University of Massachusetts, specializing in Nursing, Psychology, and Community health. Katie's compassion for all living beings, genuine concern for others, and altruistic personality makes her well suited in her career as a nurse. Katie moved from Lowell, Massachusetts to Durham, NC to pursue her a job as a register nurse, in the critical care unit at Duke University Hospital. 
Katie was first introduced to yoga while in high school, where she had practiced here and there for several years and mostly got involved because of the physical and fitness aspect. When Katie moved to NC in 2014 she begun practicing more frequently, using yoga as a way to cope with the stress of starting a new career in an unfamiliar place. Katie begun to appreciate the calmness yoga brought her and how she was able to use her practice to quite her mind and stay centered. In her career working in critical care medicine, Katie witnesses first hand the suffering of others and she begun to notice a common disconnect individuals have between the body and mind. Through these interactions, Katie recognizes the importance of learning to live deeply in each moment and being fully present, now. After witnessing the true benefits yoga has on the body and mind, Katie eagerly shares her knowledge with others and her patients. Katie participated in the Fall 2014 Teacher Training at Global Breath Studio and is  involved with the board of directors for LiveGlobally. 


Yoga Teacher :: ryt 200 :: MBCY 200

CHELSEA VANDERHAMM is grateful for the practices of yoga and mindfulness: teachings that encourage us all to seek the beauty and peace of the present moment. Her walk with yoga has served as a source of grounding through stress, emotional crises, and anxiety, as well as providing an outlet for happiness, creativity, and friendship.  Chelsea received her B.A. in Vocal Performance and performed professionally as a singer, actor, and dancer across the United States for 10 years.  Now a performer in hibernation, Chelsea enjoys co-writing and occasionally performing with her lovely spouse, David, and finding her connection to her own creative energy.  A recent graduate of the MindBody Centering Yoga School, Chelsea is continually seeking to share the gift of moving into stillness, balance, and liberation of the physical and non-physical body through yoga, meditation, and service.  When she’s not at the studio, you can find Chelsea moonlighting as an IT Administrator, walking with her best friends Clementine the Great Dane and David, volunteering (especially around Farmer’s Markets), or making sounds that you might interpret as music at her home in Durham. 

Cassandra Callas

Yoga Teacher :: RYT 200 :: MBCY 200

CASSANDRA CALLAS started her journey in expressive movement early in life through the pursuit of dance, performing in such companies as the Carolina Youth Ballet and Appalachian Dance Ensemble. She grew up studying Vaganova Method Ballet, but when she was introduced to Modern Dance in high school, was instantly captivated by its ability to juxtapose somatic alignment with passionate declaration. While traveling for dance festivals, Cassandra began to draw parallels between Modern Dance and yoga, and started to attend master classes to supplement and enhance her ability to articulate and understand the human experience through movement. Cassandra began teaching yoga during her time living in Boone, North Carolina, where she began to find stability and a sense of place through the art of yoga.

Cassandra was drawn to pursue the MindBody Centering Yoga Teacher Training at Global Breath as a means to explore herself as well as to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of yoga.  She currently serves as a workplace wellness coordinator and manager of a local farmers' market.  When she is not practicing yoga, Cassandra enjoys traveling, cooking with friends, and exploring the natural abundance of her home state.