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*BY donation* meditative listening (with jackie nappi)

friday march 31 :: 6-7 PM

Enjoy an hour of Meditative Listening with pianist Jacqueline Nappi. We start with a short guided meditation (led by Bart) to become present. Jacqueline will perform music by J.S. Bach, Hans Otte, Chopin, as well as her own improvisations on the studio's beautiful baby grand piano.

Listeners are welcome to set up yoga mats in a restorative posture, or to sit on pillows on the floor. Chairs will also be available.

Audience members are encouraged to continue their meditation practice, maintaining focus on the breath throughout the performance, with applause saved for the very end. 

Suggested donation $10.

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*free talk* the embodied life (with russell delman)

friday april 7 :: 7-8:30 PM

Learn about 'The Embodied Life' during this free talk by Russell Delman. 

“Embodiment” refers to the experience of wholeness, i.e., the integration of mind/body/spirit and includes: presence (the connection of self and world in present moment) and integrity (authenticity, honesty and self-responsibility). The body is viewed as a vehicle through which the entire human being and one's relationship to life can be explored.

The Embodied Life™ refers to an approach to human transformation developed by Russell Delman. These programs are an integration of the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais, Zen based meditation and guided inquiry. All of the practices are based on learning to be present with the reality of our inner experience in an open, authentic and curious way.

Why the emphasis on bodily experience? Our body lives in the present moment, always in a particular time and place, whereas our mind is sometimes consciously connected to the living moment and sometimes not. This fact that the body is always present can be a great ally; our physical sensations can be like a magnet to the present moment. True satisfaction only exists in our Presence, through being consciously alive right here and now. This return to our living reality is the basis for true satisfaction and meaning in whatever tasks we choose in our lives.

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Admission is free. Donations are appreciated. If you plan to attend, please fill out the form below.

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yoga supperclub: yoga + food (with bart & lindsey)

friday APRIL 14 :: 6-7:30 pm

The best way to close your workweek: yoga & a gourmet dinner! Join us for a 60 minute all-levels class, set to a beautiful soundtrack. And afterward... dinner! Fresh, organic, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients! Yum!

Yoga is 6-7 pm. Dinner starts around 7:15 pm. You can do either, or both! You can use any class pass (5/10, monthly, 10 day intro) to pay for class (or do a drop-in). Please prepay for dinner.  

Yoga + Food: Food Only
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Yoga + Food: Both!
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*FREE EVENT* mindful community in action

Saturday APRIL 15 :: 1-4 PM

At Global Breath Studio, we are committed to offering a space where community can be built and strengthened, and where we can support one another both on & off our yoga mats.  Once a month we host a "Community in Action" potluck for our community (and extended community) to come together and support each other as we work to make our city and country more safe, equitable, fair, and loving.  

This event will consist of an afternoon of practice, mindfulness, and community action where those of us who are invested in deepening our understanding of what it means to live our values in today's world can meet and share ideas, nourishment, and/or action. Following a short and accessible asana practice and mindfulness meditation, we share a vegetarian meal (just bring a dish). For those who wish to take concrete actions towards creating your vision for the city, state, country, and world, we will have various options for actions to take, such as making phone calls and writing postcards to government officials. We will also be putting together care packages to give to the homeless.  


- Please bring your computers and/or phones to make calls, and write emails/ letters, as well as one vegan food item to share with the group!

- We will provide all of the necessary supplies and support that you might need (scripts, stamps, addresses, etc)  

- Kids and families WELCOME (feel free to bring a friend who is new to Yoga or meditation - our opening practices will be very accessible)  

- Follow-up emails with additional resources will be sent to all who would like to receive them


1:00-1:45PM - Yoga Asana & meditation for everybody

2:00 - 4:00 PM  -  Action and Nourishment 

If you plan to attend,  please fill out the form below:

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*Special event* chanting kirtan with rick franz

Saturday APRIL 15 :: 6-8 PM

Rick Franz will share a wonderful evening of soul-stirring kirtan (chanting) with the local Durham community.

The melodious repetition of mantra can encourage meditation, and open the heart to a deep joy and peace. While this particular tradition originated with the yogi's of India, the practice of call and response chanting is nearly universal, and can be found in spiritual traditions throughout the world.

The evening will also include Drew Pilant on tabla, Courtney Long on bass, and Rangadevi Dasi on response vocals.

You can check out Rick's music here

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FRIday april 21 :: 6-7:30 PM

108 Sun Salutations! The best way to jumpstart your life.

We break it up into 4 sets of 27 salutations. Some are traditional. Some are creative. They're all fun! We crank up the music and take care of business.

Suggested donation $10-20. All proceeds benefit LiveGlobally, a Durham-based 501c3 non-profit. 

If you plan to attend, please fill out the form below. You can also make your donation by clicking below.

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SUnday april 23 :: 1-3 PM

What do you hear in your dreams? Dreams contain valuable information about our emotional landscape, connections with ancestors, and answers we are seeking. 

Deep Listening, developed by composer Pauline Oliveros, helps us explore the difference between involuntary hearing and the voluntary, selective nature of listening. 

In this workshop, guided by Lindsay, a certified Deep Listening facilitator, we relax into dream space using Deep Listening techniques, and create a fertile environment to receive and remember dream information. Upon returning to waking life, we record our dreams, or if sleep did not arrive, our thoughts and insights. Through recording and sharing, we accumulate dream records and a better sense of ourselves. We make requests of our dreams and incubate healing in specific ways.

Our dreaming state affects our waking state. Come rest, heal and dream. Please bring additional comfort items such as pillows and eye masks as desired.  

Dream Incubation - One Session
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